How to look after your vehicles alloys

April 23, 2022 5:12 pm


Making a car look special and exclusive certainly became a lot easier with the introduction of alloy wheels. These shiny additions to the car will make it look brand new. They also bring a certain styling that is impossible to achieve with just washing and waxing. However, the care of the alloys is one of the most challenging aspects of owning them. For example, one slight dent or dink can become very visible.

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Luckily if the worst should happen then Alloy Repair Cheltenham based outfit can be called upon to fix any damages that might have occurred. The most common problem is scraping them against the side of pavements

One of the first things that you can do is make sure that this doesn’t happen. Try to keep a decent distance away from the kerb, but without sticking the car in the middle of the road you will be ok. Try and also avoid parking near high sided kerbsides.

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Wax and spray is one way of giving some extra protection to the Alloys. A build up of dirt and grime is also one of the ways that the Alloys can become rusted and damaged. When they lose their shine they start to become something of a liability. So make sure that you have the best interest of your alloy wheels in mind. If you decide to take the car out when there is a lot of salt and grit on the road it can be very bad news for alloys that are unprotected.