5 more ways to work effectively with your web designer

March 23, 2022 11:17 am


Here are five points to consider getting the most from your web designer.

1 Do you share business objectives?

You don’t have to share the same sense of humour as your web designer, or agree on religion or politics, but you do need to agree on the business objectives of your website. Spend time with your designer discussing the purpose of your site, clearly setting out your ideas for furthering your business, and from that point all design should work to fulfill those objectives.  Keep time logs to stick to and regular check in intervals.

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2 Define your target market

Both you and your web designer need to know exactly who your website is aimed at, so spend time carefully defining your target audience. Failure to design for potential customers could cost you dearly. According to Forbes, your target market research should completely inform your subsequent web design brief. Consider using larger font sizes if your customers are in a more senior age group, for example.  If your site requires links to external bodies such as services provided by https://www.w2globaldata.com/regulatory-compliance-solutions-and-software/aml-id-checks/ who do AML Identity verification make sure plugins work correctly and if there are any costs be it one off or yearly for example.

3 Don’t aim for perfection

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No website is ever completely perfect since web design is so subjective. Try to avoid ‘fiddling’ with the design in an attempt to make it better and trust your web designer’s judgment on the design and graphic elements. Once the website is up and running it can always be altered or tweaked to make it more appropriate for your market.

4 Build a relationship

Ideally, you will be working with your web design team long-term, so don’t assume that once your website is live, the design team’s work is finished. Alterations and upgrades are sure to feature in your business’ future, so stay in touch with your designers. You should be able to source a local web design team easily.

5 Keep to defined roles


You know your job and your web designer knows how to craft websites, so don’t try to interfere with design elements. Discuss changes to your site with your designer so that you both understand what you are trying to achieve.