Could I be a live in carer?

June 15, 2020 2:01 pm


Live in care differs from other types of care in that the worker goes to live with the person they are caring for. This ensures that there is 24/7 care cover for an individual who requires full-time care services. Whereas most employees finish their shift and return home, being a live in carer can feel quite different.

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A room or private space will be provided for the live in carer, as it’s important that they have some downtime away from the demands of full-time care. However, living with the person you care for requires some specific qualities.

The ability to have patience and empathy are two of the most important qualities. The freedom and flexibility to live away from home for some time are also key requirements. Good physical health and strength are also important as care work is both mentally and physically demanding. Find out more about Live in Care Somerset at a site like Liveincare, leading providers of Live in Care Somerset.

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Meetings are normally held between the prospective carer and the client before any arrangements are finalised. This provides the opportunity for each party to get a feel for whether they will ‘click’ and can work together. Working in such close proximity will require a certain level of comfort and ease to be felt with each other for a successful outcome for both parties.

The friendships and relationships that can be forged through live in care are incredibly rewarding and there is no other job quite like it! It is usually the case that the hardest work is the most rewarding.