Three Common Office Accidents and Injuries

October 5, 2021 6:43 am


An office isn’t thought of as a particularly dangerous place to work, however there are some accidents and injuries which can occur in an office and can often be serious. It is always good to make sure that staff working there have attended a course like this Tidal training direct first aid at work Cheltenham based course, so that they are able to help in the event of an accident at work. Here are three common office accidents and injuries…

Electrical Injuries – Modern offices are powered by lots of electrical items. Many of these are checked regularly by law, but it is still important when working in an office to be aware of the dangers of electricity. Taking care not to have drinks or any fluids around electrical items is something everyone should do as this can easily lead to electric shock or a fire.

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Back and neck problems – Many people who work in an office experience problems with the back and neck. From minor ailments to issues that can leave people off work sick for months, this is usually caused by poor posture and too long sitting in front of a screen. It can also be caused by lifting things incorrectly or things that are too heavy to be safely lifted by one person.

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Tripping and Falling – Offices can be places where there is a lot of potential for people to trip and fall – loose cables, rugs and carpets, poor lighting and lots of clutter are all things which can lead to some very nasty falls, so care should be taken to make sure that the risk is reduced.