5 More of the Most Eco Friendly Flooring Options

April 2, 2020 3:14 pm


Eco Friendly Flooring Options

No longer does going green in your home mean you have to compromise on style. Modern flooring trends are both sustainable and gorgeous, offering a wide range of options for the contemporary home.

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Made from recycled rubber tyres, this flooring is the sustainable and hard wearing solution for kitchens, bathrooms and utilities. Completely waterproof, it virtually eliminates the usual problems for flooring in high moisture areas and it looks beautiful too. Available in a range of patterns, colours and textures this feels great to walk on.


A surprising choice perhaps, but the patina of aged leather can look absolutely stunning in low traffic areas such as bedrooms and studies. Although not suitable for areas of high moisture, leather is a glamorous, unusual and sustainable option – leather flooring is engineered from the thicker offcuts from the production of leather handbags.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Wood floors can be problematic when you’re going eco, as they can come from non-sustainable sources. By using reclaimed woods, you’ll be tapping into key green principles of reusing and recycling materials. Laminate flooring can be an eco friendly solution as it mimics wood without wasting a precious resource.

Pure Wool carpets

Carpet has long been the floor covering of choice in colder climates. Despite the recent love affair with hard wood floors, Britain is buying carpets again and there are sustainable choices to be made. Take wool: it’s a naturally sustainable resource that can be spun and dyed into a rainbow of colours to match any decor. You’ll find a comprehensive range online and nothing beats carpet for warming up your toes on a cold winter morning. Properly maintained, a wool carpet is hard-wearing and long lasting, and more comfortable underfoot than a wood or tile floor. Wool is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic, making it a very sound choice where allergies may be a problem.

PET Berber Carpet

Another green carpet choice is PET Berber style carpet. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it has a minimal environmental impact and will suit a wide range of decors thanks to its appearance. Berber carpet is robust, durable and spill resistant, and its loopede appearance has a particular aesthetic appeal. Berber carpets tend to come in neutral tones and are a great choice for high traffic areas like stairs and hallways.