How to Make Your Garage Door Less Noisy?

June 23, 2020 5:01 pm


The noise being produced due to the movement of the garage door can be very annoying. It disturbs everyone in the house. It can cause a really bad experience for homeowners and their neighbours. Hence you must ensure the smooth working of the garage door so you don’t disturb anyone. There can be many different reasons behind the noise of the door. However, this noise can be improved. You can use the following methods and techniques for this purpose.

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The first and most useful technique is to lubricate the door properly. The lubrication is always helpful for the smooth working of moving objects. It decreases the amount of friction occurring. As a result, you do not have to listen to unwanted sounds while using the door. Moreover, unnecessary vibrations are also stopped. For Garage Door Repair Bristol, visit a site like Up and Over, provider of Garage Door Repair Bristol

Replacement of rollers:

The traditional metallic rollers must be replaced by modern Nylon rollers. These rollers do not produce bad noise and require no constant lubrication and maintenance. Though metallic rollers can last longer they must be lubricated and maintained from time to time.

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Take an overlook:

If you feel some unexpected noise from the door, just examine it and observe if all the nuts and bolts are in their right positions and well tightened. The noise could be occurring due to loose bolts or some nuts may be missing.