Native UK Trees that are Great for the Garden

June 4, 2021 5:44 am


Trees are a beautiful addition to the garden – providing beauty and also a great habitat and food for local wildlife. When it comes to choosing a tree for your garden, there are such a wide array available it can be a tough decision! Many people advise that a native tree is a great choice as they will grow well in the UK climate, and will need the minimal amount of work put into them.


As trees grow it is a good idea to have a specialist like tree surgery Gloucester based company Geoffrey Urch come and take care of them every so often, but that is probably all the needs that a tree native to the UK will have. Here are some popular native trees that are great for the garden…

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Silver Birch – One of the most recognisable native trees, the distinctive silvery bark that givers this tree its name is enduringly popular with both gardeners and wildlife. Because it is home to many insects, it is a great feeding place for many species of birds.


Blackthorn – The tree that has long been associated with witchcraft is a great choice for your garden. The thorny tree makes a great hedge to keep intruders out of the garden, and it also produces the fruits known as sloes in the summer. If you want to make your own sloe gin, this is a perfect choice!

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Elder – This is a small tree and was often planted near to the home in order to keep the devil away. It is a firm favourite of wildlife, and if you collect the flower heads in the summer you can make some home-made Elderflower cordial or wine.