Oak Cladding – A Durable and Attractive Option

July 1, 2021 4:49 pm


Oak cladding provides an attractive and durable appearance to residential and commercial building’s exterior walls. The use of the oak cladding, like those from Timberpride in this type of construction project will provide a higher resale value for your property and will also increase your curb appeal. When a horizontal design for the cladding is employed, a vertical application of the cladding wall treatment will usually be the preferred option because of the large overlap pattern which is normally used for this type of application. With an overlap design, it will be possible to produce a larger wall which will increase the size of the opening in the top of the cladding wall treatment.

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The appearance and durability of the untreated materials are some of the reasons why European oak cladding provides such a high degree of visual attractiveness. The use of these types of materials in the building projects will provide an outstanding level of sound insulation, which will reduce the levels of noise transmission through the building envelope. The reduction in the levels of noise transmission will reduce the level of stress on the occupants of the building and the possibility of structural failures due to this reduction in the noise level would decrease as well. With the use of these landings, there is a great possibility that you will increase the resale value of your property. This increase will be greater than what you will pay for the treatment and installation of other building materials.

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The kiln drying of the oak cladding allows the materials to be completely cured before they are installed. The kiln-drying process ensures that the surface tension between the wood fibers is maintained and this reduces the probability of warping, cracking or cupping. The high degree of durability provided by the oak cladding material would allow it to withstand outdoor elements, decay, and weathering. The high degree of resistance to weathering would ensure that the wooden surface remains looking new for a long time to come. This would in turn provide you with an excellent service life of your wooden structures.