The different types of mortgage

June 30, 2020 3:06 pm


When you apply for a mortgage there are two types that you can have. A mortgage is a long term commitment. It is probably the most amount of money that you will ever borrow in your life This is why it can seem like an age to get one. The Lender sees you as a long term investment. They will make more money from you if you pay your mortgage every month for however long the term of the mortgage lasts. Before 2014 you could define this by simply giving a number of years, now it is defined by what you can actually afford.

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There are two ways you can repay your mortgage. The First is a repayment mortgage. This is where you pay the interest and the capital off the loan every month until the debt is repaid. When this is over you own the property out right and owe nothing. The other is the Interest only mortgage. Here you pay just the interest payment every month for however long the term of the mortgage is. At the end of the term you still owe exactly what you borrowed at the beginning.