Why You Need CCTV Drainage Surveys

June 29, 2021 6:01 am


CCTV Drainage Surveys are essential to planned preventative maintenance (PMI) programs, enabling property owners to accurately assess their drainage assets and prevent costly pipe and drain failure events. They are also used to carry out routine pre-development condition checks on all drainage assets, enabling building contractors to present the most accurate picture of the state of existing drains, pipes and pipelines before they are given to customers.

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A qualified and experienced CCTV Drainage Surveys company such as Wilkinson Environmental is required to carry out the various inspections and to provide invaluable information on the status of drains and pipelines. In order to ensure that CCTV Drainage Surveys are conducted correctly, numerous laws and regulations regarding the installation, maintenance, operation and abandonment of drains and pipelines are in place and rely on the expertise of a qualified and competent surveyor. These laws and regulations require regular inspections to occur by qualified and competent personnel to ensure compliance with local and national rules and regulations.

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In the last decade, the demand for Drainage Surveys has grown tremendously due to the large number of pipe and drain repairs needed for routine maintenance and pipeline upgrading. These surveys have been used to detect cracks, gaps and other defects in drains or pipelines, as well as the identification of root infiltrations through underground cables and pipes. Drainage system leaks, damaged or faulty pipes, and underground storage tanks have all been the subject of Drainage Surveys.