A great bit of glass

September 30, 2020 1:51 pm


One of the most amazing bits of glass that you will ever see is set in the east facing wall of Gloucester Cathedral. It is the huge stained glass window that was added to the Cathedral after the death of Edward the Second. The area was a bit dreary and as the King was being buried there they thought that it might need a bit of something special to lighten the place up. The East wall is always the most important wall as it points towards Jerusalem the spiritual home of Chirstianlaty. As this was the land of Jesus it stands to reason that such a huge and impressive undertaking should be placed there.

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Getting double glazing installed in your home does not need to be so much of an impressive undertaking. This Gloucester Double Glazing firm can have the job done in a much quicker time than the years and months it took to put together this piece of stained glass.

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ApproachingĀ  the piece is really spectacular. It is about the size of a tennis court and as it was put up in medieval times you can really appreciate the love and effort it must have cost to put it together. The window serves a practical purpose in terms of your spiritual guidance, It features a hierarchy of the clergy andĀ  position of saints in relation to God and Jesus. Not surprisingly God is right at the top with Jesus and this is followed by his top angels. Then it’s the saints and apostles. Sainthood is deemed by what you are the patron saint if it seems.