Eating for wellbeing at university

November 26, 2020 4:41 am


Is it feasible to eat healthily when at work? believe it or not and it is better than you imagine. When you are busy drinking and working intensely, you don’t want to be stressed over your diet. You need to keep your immune system running properly while you’re away from home for the first time, and have all the energy you need to stay safe and concentrated. Here are some helpful ideas to make sure you can chow down without spending a fortune or even working too hard on some healthy meals:


When you have a hectic schedule and know that it’s going to be difficult to eat daily meals, don’t load the cupboards with crisps and cookies. Stock up with foods that are not unhealthy. While this will give you an energy boost, followed by a fall, it’s a short-lived high. Instead for starters, try stocking up on apples, carrots, oatmeal bars or veggie soups. Dream about getting a shared bowl of fruit with your roommates. Having a decent place to live is also important Cheltenham Student Accommodation from is the best place to start.

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Try to incorporate a little protein into each snack or meal and this helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. without trying to sneak out for a chocolate bar, this should keep you going through a few hours of lectures! Eggs are a fine, fast and simple snack to rustle up in no time at all. The range is endless: poached, grilled, scrambled or fried-served on bread, with waffles or salad!

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Keep hydrated- Bring a big water bottle in your bag to stop the lure of grabbing candy drinks from the vending machine. Get a huge, vibrant one that goes anywhere with you and you can get into the great habit of remaining well-hydrated, which is something that busy students sometimes forget.