How Technology has Helped us in 2020

September 7, 2020 5:33 pm


Over the last few months, even those of us who don’t use much modern technology have found that we have had to adapt a little. We are lucky enough to live in a world where, despite being separated from our friends and family, modern technology allows us to speak to them via video link, and for people who run businesses, they have been receiving help with getting up and running online from companies offering this service, such as IT support Cheltenham by Reform IT.

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Never has it been so important to be able to engage with the technology around us – there are many ways that during lockdown, people have been using technology to make life easier for themselves and their families, and to make sure that they are still able to participate in favourite activities and speak with family and friends.


One of the ways that technology has helped immensely is the ability for children to still receive an education despite not being able to attend school. As parents set up ‘virtual classrooms’ teachers were still able to reach children and educate them via the internet.

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As well as this, many businesses have managed to continue to operate via the medium of modern technology – employees hastily set up home offices and spent their working day able to work from their home.


Vulnerable people have also been helped – doctors have been able to offer virtual appointments, and many support groups to help elderly people were organised online – from collecting shopping to having a chat with someone who may be lonely, people were able to organise groups to ensure nobody was forgotten.