Keeping warm in your home in winter

September 7, 2020 5:32 pm


When you get to September and the summer months draw to a close you can start to feel the steady advance of winter make its way through the Autumn. It’s reminding you that it’s time to think about how you’re going to heat the home this winter. One thing that you should be looking at  is your boiler. For the most part we all have some form of central heating in our homes and a Boilers Gloucester based company are on hand to help you get yours ready should it need it. Boilers Gloucester or anywhere else for that matter need some TLC so that they can get on with the important job of keeping you all warm and safe. What other options are there to heat the home this winter?

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  1. Wear more jumpers. One thing that you should ask yourself is do I really need the heating on in the first place. Why not dust off the winter wardrobe and get the fleeces out a bit early.
  2. Buy some nice blankets. If you’re not into jumpers then some hefty fleece blankets might be just the ticket. Get yourselves on the sofa and watch a good winter movie like Groundhog Day or White Christmas (if it’s near that time of year).
  3. Have a real fire. Coal is not the most environmentally friendly of fuels so use it sparingly. Recycled wood is also a good fuel but a bit smokey. If you live in the Hebrides there is still plenty of peat to go around.

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  1. Exercise more.Nice though it is to binge watch the Umbrella Academy, moving around and getting the blood to your extremities is a good way of keeping warm. So as you watch Five and Klaus bicker over something important why not do it on a static bike.