What Are Aran Sweaters?

May 11, 2021 7:35 am


Aran sweaters are a very popular type of sweater, especially for those who love the traditional feel of sweater and knitted fabric. The Aran sweater is a very distinctive style of sweater, which takes its name from the famous Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland. An Aran sweater is usually is white in color, with large cable patterns often on the front and back. The Aran sweater is named after the Aran Islands, where it was originally manufactured. The fibers in an Aran sweater are very strong, and the fabric is also very soft and warm, making it ideal for wearing all year round. You can find the perfect sweater from Shamrock Gift.

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Many of the wool sweaters in the world today are made from Merino  wool, which is bred on the same Aran Islands. This wool is made into clothes, blankets, and other items by hand. In other places of the world, the wool is woven by machines.

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Unlike Merino/Aran wool sweaters, they can be made to have an intricate design and many stitches of varying widths in a sweater. The larger the stitches, the more complex the pattern. The great thing about these kinds of sweaters is that they are exceptionally warm – they keep the wearer nice and warm while doing anything, even walking down the road in the coldest of weather. They come in all sorts of styles, colors and patterns, so they are great for wearing year-round. Fishermen really like these types of sweaters as they are water resistant.