Who was Lancelot Capability Brown

January 14, 2022 11:16 am


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One of the people most well known for creating these beautiful landscapes so they could be easily maintained was Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. He was born in 1715 and trained as a gardener and landscape architect. He is one of the most famous gardeners who brought the style of the landscape garden to the UK and across into many parts of Europe.

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Not only did he have an eye for landscape design by Capability Brown was also more than happy to get his hand dirty with planting and maintaining the gardens and landscapes that he designed. He is probably most well known for being the person who designed many of the gardens for large stately homes across the UK. He designed what were known as ‘pleasure gardens’ and believed in having unobstructed views of the landscapes surrounding a home. This is why he designed long sprawling avenues of trees that allowed people looking out from the stately homes to see the landscape laid out in front of them.

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He would create visual masterpieces with the landscapes by using undulating grass areas with strategically placed planting borders. He favoured these over the formal gardens that came along later and that you can see in many places across the country. He wanted the stately homes to be visible and to allow people to walk throughout the garden spaces and feel completely immersed in their environment.

There are many examples of his work still in existence today in some very well known homes. Some of these include:

  • Badminton House in Gloucestershire
  • Basildon Park in Berkshire
  • Chatsworth House in Derbyshire
  • Hampton Court Palace in Surrey
  • Kew Gardens in South West London
  • Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire
  • Stowe Landscape Garden
  • Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire

A lot of the homes that he worked on are now managed by The National Trust or English Heritage and some of them have been set up as places to visit in their own right. They all proudly display the landscapes that Capability Brown designed and carry on his design legacy in the maintenance and planting work that they do on the sites today.