How Hard is it to Build and Deliver a Nuclear Weapon?

August 20, 2020 7:29 pm


With nuclear stockpiles all around the world, you may think that it is easy to build a nuclear weapon – whilst the ideas behind it can be easy enough for many scientists to work out, building and being able to deliver a working nuclear bomb is fortunately not as easy as you may think.

Many scientists will be able to tell you how to make a nuclear weapon – there is plenty of information available and they have been around long enough that there are many people who might choose careers in science – from laboratory technicians, to Nobel prize winners who will be able to tell you how to build one.

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In America, the nuclear weapons programs are being upgraded under the Trump administration, and one good thing about this is the increase in science-based jobs – for example visit Aport Global for laboratory relocation in America.

But despite this knowledge, the actual building of a weapon like this is very difficult, and this is intentional – after all, it has to be tightly policed to stop terrorist organisations being able to make these sorts of weapons.

The difficulty comes in acquiring the materials needed to make the weapon. Weapons grade Uranium is needed to create a nuclear bomb, and this is not easy to come by, as it is one of the most strictly monitored materials in the world – for a very good reason. This then needs to be enriched, but to be enriched it must be obtained in the first place.

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Delivering the weapon can also prove difficult – Uranium is extremely heavy, heavier than lead, so carrying it by plane, which is the usual means of delivering such a weapon is difficult.