What to Think About when Choosing your Perfect Caravan or Motorhome

February 23, 2021 6:22 am


The staycation is looking like a good idea again this year, and if you are enjoying the idea of exploring the British Isles more in the future then you may have decided that now is the time for your own holiday home that you can take with you to do that!

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When it comes to looking for the perfect holiday home the choice can be overwhelming – for example a static caravan is larger, but it doesn’t have the ease of movement of a smaller mobile home. It needs to be transported on a special vehicle using chapter 8 chevrons like these https://www.vehiclechevrons.com/


One of the main things to consider is how many people will the caravan sleep. You may need a lot more sleeping space if you intend on taking the whole family and the dog for example! One thing to remember is that you can use an awning to create some extra space for sleeping. Some caravans also offer fold away beds, so you won’t necessarily have to lose living space to have more sleeping areas.

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It is also worth thinking about manoeuvring the caravan, especially if you are new to it and have not used one before. A single axle caravan or a motorhome would be good choices as they are much easier to move for beginners and also better if you have a smaller car.


The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to rush the decision as it is a big one. Take your time and do plenty of research, and only commit one you are happy to.