Men’s fashions in the 1950’s

May 6, 2020 3:35 pm


With the war completely over and the reactions on fabric being lifted Men in Britain could start to think about wearing something else other than khaki. It’s quite a surprise that they ever wanted to go back to the colour and duly it seems that the suit began to take a hold once more. The double breasted suit, still classical pin striped and uniformly grey, started to make a comeback giving rise to the opinion that the “dandy” was set to return. Men were in a mood to celebrate and wanted to show it.

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Outside of the suit other styles were starting to show through. There was still some throw back to the military style then and still is now when you look at the continuing popularity of Farah Shirts like those from Denim as a fashion piece was also being championed by those troublesome teenagers over in the USA.

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This was also true of the teenager in Britain. Suddenly finding well paid work to fill the gap made by the generation above them they had money and time to show off, The long coat, bright socks and brothel creeper shoes of the Teddy Boys were on the rise.