Microsoft Office Applications you need to be using

May 11, 2020 7:44 pm


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Microsoft Office is one of the leading providers of computer software that allows people of all ages to complete various tasks from writing essays through to keeping a track of their homeĀ  finances. Businesses favour microsoft due to its usability and the new OFfice 365 application that allows people to log into their software from any computer. This has helped to revolutionise the way in which people work, with more and more people now being able to work flexibly from home.

Here are some of the applications that you should be using.

Word – This is the most used application in the Office suite and is used to create documents of all different types. These can be easily saved, edited and printed as required. There are template documents available that allow you to use the formatting that is already in place and simply edit the text and colours as required.

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Excel – A spreadsheet application that has a multitude of uses, functions and formulas to be able to tackle even the largest of spreadsheets. With the use of a PDF to Excel converter such as the one available from PDF Tables you can even take data that have been stored in a PDF document and easily convert this into an excel spreadsheet that you can then use for further analysis, editing and reporting.