Signs you need a new garage door

April 28, 2020 10:48 am


If your garage door is letting down your overall home design, its operation is troublesome, or just not up to standard, it may be time to replace it. Here are the top signs you need a replacement garage door:

  1. Noise levels

Occasionally, an increase in noise levels may simply mean specific parts require fixing or replacement. However, don’t ignore a noise just because it’s an inconvenience. A door in good condition should be smooth in its operation and with very little noise. If the door develops a new noise suddenly like clanging, banging or grinding, it is highly likely it will need replacing. For Garage Doors in Essex, visit a site like Lime BDS, suppliers of Garage Doors in Essex.

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  1. Sag

Sagging can be a very big problem, especially with timber doors. If the wooden doors are not well maintained, they can sag from decomposition, decay and overall damage. And even if your door is not wood, any garage door showing signs of slack mean major fundamental problems that need addressing.

  1. Safety and security

Garage doors have been known to cause injury and sometimes even death if they shut down suddenly. If the door does not close all the way, or the automatic reverse mechanism is not being triggered as it should be, it is dangerous and may require maintenance from a professional.

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  1. Out of date design

A retro or antique design is attractive if it fits the overall theme and appearance of the rest of the property. However, if the door simply looks like it has been damaged and weather worn for many years, it won’t look classic and antique anymore and it’s time to replace.