What is constructive dismissal?

September 16, 2021 10:24 am


There are many ways in which you can leave employment. This might be through making the choice to work elsewhere, retirement or for a career break These are some of the most common reasons people leave their jobs. There are some other ways that fall into the categories that no one wants to experience such as redundancy, sacking and constructive dismissal.

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Constructive is essentially where you feel like you have no alternative but to leave your job as a result of the way you are being treated by your employer or as a result of your employer’s actions and conduct. When people leave their positions in situations like this they can in some cases lead to a Constructive Dismissal Claim. It is important that if you decide to pursue this line of action that you do so with a professional company such as www.employmentlawfriend.co.uk/constructive-dismissal. This is because there are a number of criteria that must be met in order for you to be able to cite dismissal in this way.

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A constructive dismissal claim will look at the serious nature of the conduct that has occurred and will also assess whether any employment or other contract has been broken. This can be one large scale incident or it can be a series of smaller ones that incrementally have added up to a larger problem over a period of time. It is important that where possible the employee keeps a record of these incidents and tries to come to a satisfactory conclusion with their employer first, before heading to a solicitor.