Fresh new ways to wear denim

March 25, 2022 8:19 am


With its roots in the 1960s, the denim skirt was born when hippies took scissors to jeans and reimagined their favourite denim into what would become a perennial classic.

Beloved by celebrities, as the Daily Mail reports, the fantastic denim skirt has had a hold on all of us at some point, and really does offer a huge amount of scope in the style stakes, whatever the season and trend.

Fashion designers are adept at keeping us on our toes with new takes on old classics and this walkthrough shows how the humble denim skirt is still as vital as ever with these new and updated ways to wear.

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1970s Retro

Embracing the current fashion love affair with the 1970s, modern mini denim skirts hark back five decades, when teamed with camel hues and retro footwear and accessories.

Working It

There’s absolutely no reason to think that the denim skirt doesn’t have a place at work, although perhaps more so in a less formal or more creative setting. Pair with a crisp shirt – white is the de facto colour, but don’t be afraid to be bold.

Layer It Up

Partnered with a sweater and jacket or coat, the humble denim skirt will take you through from season to season. Consider different fabric weights and colours to shake your look up. In terms of footwear, from flip flops to gladiator sandals, court shoes and even over the knee boots, everything will work fantastically with your denim skirt.

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Denim skirts work a treat with blouses, be they ladylike pussy bow styles or more bohemian, gypsy or even grungy designs. The denim skirt is a perfect grounding point for an intricate, detailed limelight-stealing blouse.

Back To Jeans

Of course, a denim skirt just might not be your ‘thing’. If that’s the case, you may prefer some mens designer shirts from EJ Menswear.

Keeping It Casual

The denim skirt is a friend in need to all low effort fashionistas, being the ultimate go-to when you’re running late and can’t find a thing to wear. Whichever your denim wash, your denim skirt is guaranteed to look amazing with a simple black or white t-shirt or vest top. Add a skinny belt and you’re good to go.