Looking for a corsage to wear

June 30, 2020 6:14 am


If you are attending a prom or perhaps a wedding you might be looking for a corsage to wear. A good Florist Tewkesbury way such as https://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/ will be able to help you out with your flower choice and overall arrangement. Here is an idea of the types of corsages that you can find.

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Wrist corsage

This is a really popular option for prom. As the name suggests, it is worn on the wrist. The flowers that make up the corsage are either wired into a jewellery piece like a bracelet or can be fastened to the wrist using matching ribbons to the outfit.

Handbag corsage

Along with their new dress, students are likely to have splashed out on new accessories. According to the BBC, parents are now spending around £1,000 on the prom experience, with chosen transport options including helicopters!

For anyone whose prom dress may be a little too delicate to handle a wrist corsage, a handbag option may be ideal as it adorns the wearer’s handbag rather than their outfit.

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Hair corsage

As most proms fall in summer, hair corsages add to the festival vibe and can be worn as a full flower crown or as a small addition of flowers worked into a hairstyle.

Pinned corsage

A pinned corsage is fairly self-explanatory – it is simply pinned to the main body of your dress or to the strap. This is great for those who may find the wrist corsage a little clunky.


It is traditional for the males to wear a buttonhole, preferably matching the corsage of their date if they are attending with one.