Some of the best dressed men of 2021

May 10, 2021 4:24 pm


Ever wished you could dress like a celeb? In terms of sartorial elegance, there are some very well dressed celebs indeed this year. Here are just a few celebrity gents who have been rocking their style this year:


Rami Malek – Ever since being a Bond villain, Malek’s been donning some seriously stylish outfits. He opts for exquisite tailoring but topped with his distinctive individual flair. He has a swagger about him that means he can get away with wearing corduroy jackets.

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David Beckham – Forgiven for the odd blips a decade ago featuring skirts, ever since he has truly mastered the art of seasoned style. With impeccable hair styling and tailoring, Beckham can’t put a foot wrong. Take some inspiration from this footballing legend with Mens Tommy Hilfiger Jeans from EJ Menswear


Harry Styles – With a name like that, he should be the epitome of style. Since forging a solo career, Harry has evolved into one one of the best dressed guys in the music industry. No longer part of a boy band, he is establishing himself as a veritable master of unique, individual style.

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Frank Ocean – Ocean displays a unique styling that is very much his own but certainly not over the top. Not one to give in to fads, he is a top example of going your own way and being a trendsetter, not follower.


Eddie Redmayne – Eddie knows how to rock the collegiate, preppy look and hasn’t changed his style for some years. But then, why change when the look you have works so well for you?