Warning Signs of a Failing Boiler

July 14, 2022 8:01 am


One of the warning signs of a failing boiler is a lack of heat or hot water. It can be difficult to determine which part is at fault, but it can be a valve, diaphragm, thermostat, or airlock. If the boiler does not produce enough heat or hot water, you should call a gas-trained technician to diagnose the problem and repair the unit. During a boiler breakdown, it can be dangerous for occupants of the home and can lead to a poisonous carbon monoxide leak. For help with Evesham Boilers, contact http://www.combi-man.com/boiler-finance/boiler-finance-evesham

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Dark marks around the burners of the boiler are also warning signs that the burning function is not working. These marks are caused by broken seals or air blockages, limiting the flow of air to the flame. The smell of gas may also indicate the need for a repair. If the problem persists, the boiler may have broken down completely. Luckily, it is relatively inexpensive to have your boiler repaired, but you may want to contact a gas-trained professional if you suspect it’s time to fix any issues.

Another obvious sign of a failing boiler is a loud noise. The noise may be coming from the condensate pipe, which is where the waste gas is discharged from the system. The water can freeze up in this pipe, forcing the boiler to work harder and produce less heat than before. Some models may not even work if the condensate pipe freezes, so it is worth calling a plumbing professional as soon as possible.

Another obvious symptom is a rising energy bill. A failing boiler will gradually increase energy consumption and increase energy bills, so a higher-than-average heating bill could signal a failing boiler. It might also be leaking water or oil. Either way, a leak in your boiler is a huge cause for concern. A malfunctioning boiler will also require replacement. So, if you notice any of these signs, call a boiler repair specialist as soon as possible.

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In the winter months, a failing boiler can cause a panicky situation, as it can lead to no heat at all. Without heat, you may even find yourself without hot water. In any case, you should never experience a boiler failure without warning. A malfunctioning boiler will only increase your utility bills, lower your comfort and potentially endanger your safety and that of your family. Knowing the signs of a malfunctioning boiler can save you a lot of trouble and money.