Sorting through your clothing collection

August 23, 2021 3:54 pm


There is always room for a little clearance.  One of the best places that you can start with is your clothing cupboard. Open up this horror show and what will you find? Some blunders I expect, some last season stuff and maybe something that you might even think about keeping. Here;s a quick guide as to what to shed. If it’s the opposite and you’ve got nothing then go to EJ Menswear and check out the Levi Clothing for men range and add a few bits.

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First of all, let’s trim those shirts. If you’ve just started working from home then you might not need as many as you think. If the office is not going to be and option going forward do you not think that you won’t need so many. Apart from the odd Zoom or Teams meeting you have to ask yourself if its that important. Same thing with suits and smart trousers. Loungewear is the new thing. Don;t ditch it all though.

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Next up is shoes. I suspect that you have too many. Here’s what you need. 1 pair of smart shoes. 1 pair of trainers, one pair of boots and then some optional sandals. Why do you need it anymore?

The last thing is to have a jacket or blazer. Just one will do and a decent summer light coat and then one for winter. Even better, you could get a packable jacket. That folds away perfectly.