The Importance of Training in the Use of Walking Aids

May 28, 2022 7:44 pm


One of the most important elements of a walking aid is training. It is very important that seniors receive training to use the device properly. This training should include proper gait patterns, ways to avoid falls, and more complex manoeuvres. It is important for seniors to learn how to properly use walking aids, as a result of which, they will be more successful in using these devices and will help avoid further injury or accidents. When you need advice on Mobility Aids, go to

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There are a wide variety of approaches to teaching the use of walking aids in health care settings. A standardised education programme would be helpful in guiding instructional development and improving the care of clients with walking difficulties. Currently, guidance can vary widely between healthcare settings. Moreover, some settings do not address the importance of maintaining walking aids and how to use them at all. A national standardised education is needed to provide adequate training to students, practitioners, and above all, patients.

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While many walking aids are self-prescribed, they may not be suitable for all users. It is essential to get a comprehensive assessment from a health care provider to ensure that it is suitable for your needs. If you are unsure of your fit, or are experiencing difficulty walking on uneven terrain, it is wise to consult with a health professional. This is because incorrect use could cause accidents, lead to improper fitting, or jeopardise your safety.