Five Popular Commuter Towns in Surrey

December 2, 2021 1:19 pm


Whilst London might offer the best in terms of career opportunities, the high living costs price many out of the market. Surrey is a hotspot for London commuters, and whilst there is a plethora of options, our top five are listed here.

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Only a 45-minute train ride direct into London Victoria, Epsom is a great choice for those who want to get into London quickly whilst still being within a rural setting. There is a range of properties available in Epsom to suit families of all sizes. If you are moving into the area and are looking for local conveyancing Guildford can provide you with a number of options. When it comes to conveyancing Guildford professionals can help smooth the process.

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Midway between Portsmouth and London, Godalming puts you right in the middle of the city and the coast. The journey to London goes straight into Waterloo, and this also provides connections south if you wanted to travel onward at the weekend. You will find mostly Victorian houses in Godalming, which might come with problems. Preservation Treatments at advises what to look out for.


Whilst it is a bit further out than some other Surrey towns, Dorking has three rail stations which run direct links into London, meaning that you are still able to access the city easily whilst feeling more rural. Gatwick and Heathrow airports are also less than an hour away, so if you travel internationally for work as well as being based in London, you might find this an advantage.


Whilst slightly busier than other locations in Surrey, Guildford is also a historic and interesting town. It is popular with families due to its reputation for private schooling. London is just over 30 minutes away and Portsmouth just over an hour by train. Guildford has much to offer.


With the fastest London commute getting you into Waterloo in around 20 minutes and offering many of the same features as the other towns, Woking is a top choice.

Whether you long for an idyllic rural setting or a hustle and bustle to rival London without the price tag, Surrey has it all to offer. Consider the options we have outlined here and perhaps arrange a visit to one of these impressive commuter towns. You won’t be disappointed.