How Often Does a Septic Tank Need to Be Emptied?

August 22, 2020 8:13 am


A question many people ask is how often does a septic tank need to be emptied? Well, the answer is that it depends on the size of your septic system. If you are doing a home repair, this may not be an issue for you. However, if you are having a major plumbing repair done, such as a full sewer line replacement or the plumbing system in your basement has been compromised, then you will need to keep your septic system clean. This can help to avoid future problems. It is also important to keep your water bill down by keeping the drains clear and flowing. These things help keep your water clean and keep garbage from building up in the sewers.

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When you are looking at the needs of your septic system, you should look at the volume of water coming through the pipes in your home. If your water is being used by a lot of items like appliances, you need to keep a close eye on how much water is flowing through your pipes. You also need to keep track of the amount of time it takes for the water to move through your pipes. If it takes a long time for the water to pass through your pipes, you can reduce the flow of water to make the drain clear.