What is Laminate Wood Flooring?

August 21, 2021 5:50 am


Laminate wood flooring can be installed by most homeowners with little to no DIY expertise. This is because the design of laminate wood flooring lends itself to simple, repetitive patterns that can be easily created without any particular order or tools. The great thing about this type of flooring is that it is quick to install and is available in a variety of different finishes to suit any decor. Find out more about Laminate Wood Flooring at a site such as Irwin Tiles

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Once you have decided to install laminate instead of hardwood, you will need to decide how to lay it down. Most people lay it down in the same fashion that they lay their hardwoods – with a layer of protective coating to help the floor bond to the subfloor. This layer helps to prevent moisture from penetrating through the floor. When choosing a protective layer, it is important that you choose a high quality product that can stand up against the moisture in the room. You may also want to check out the many brands of laminated flooring products that are available on the market today, since some brands can provide more advanced and elaborate protective coatings.

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You will need to decide if you would prefer a layer of durable flooring, or a top layer of decorative patterns. The difference in these two layers is not significant, but it can have a profound effect on the overall appearance of your home. If you choose a solid top coat, you will get a durable floor that is very attractive. It will also be able to withstand years of heavy foot traffic. On the other hand, if you choose a patterned top coat, you will be providing your floors with additional character and style.