Architectural Features That Help Keep Buildings Cool

August 20, 2021 10:15 am


Buildings can be cooled or heated depending on their placement and design, but clever architectural features can help to keep buildings cool during the summer months. One of the most obvious features that helps to keep buildings cooler during the summer months is the roof. Some buildings, such as office buildings and the like, have roof vents that allow heat from the sun’s light to enter the building and stay there instead of being converted to heat and being released into the air. This is very important for several reasons. Not only does it help keep the temperature at a more consistent level throughout the day, but it also keeps the heat from going into certain areas of the building and affecting the overall temperature there.

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Another thing that most buildings will do to keep themselves cool in the summer months is to use solid insulation on the walls. The walls of a building are basically made up of many small rooms which all receive the same air supply, so the more air that is distributed to all the rooms, the cooler the entire building will be. Another option is to construct a building with Brise Soleil. Visit Alu Systems to find out more.

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Roofs also play a big role in keeping buildings cool. While the interior of a building may have vents, they often end up missing the top part of the building, which ends up allowing the hot sun rays to get into the interior of the building and stay there, literally heating up the interior of the building. For buildings with multiple stories, this problem can be compounded, especially in the summertime.