What to think about when adding a sculpture to your garden

January 14, 2021 5:03 am


A sculpture that is well thought out and thoughtfully placed can have a significant impact on your garden, creating a beautiful focal point and complementing your space’s style and design. This may be a contemporary piece or perhaps a Bronze Animal Sculpture from someone like Gill Parker. It will depend very much on the look of your garden and the types of things that you are interested in. In traditional-style gardens, traditional sculptures usually look better and very contemporary pieces sit better in modern landscaping or planting schemes.

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Garden sculptures vary from small to large, and can cost you a couple of pounds or thousands of dollars. Go and see show gardens, or sculpture parks, if in doubt, or even look for inspiration by magazines.

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In a tiny garden, a very large statue would look wrong and a smaller size could get lost in a large room. For open spaces where they can be completely appreciated, save large pieces and put smaller statues or sculptures in beds and borders, where they can add interest all year round.

Positioned well, attention to a sculpture, statue or water feature can be drawn by maybe highlighting a single tree, or a flowerbed as the location for your art piece. Positioned in the wrong place, it might look, well, a little strange. Ends or pathway intersections are nice locations, but don’t obstruct statue paths and make sure they don’t obscure a view. Make sure the sculpture can be seen as well.