Getting your Home Ready for a Rescue Pet

July 27, 2021 5:33 am


During the last eighteen months, with many of us being stuck at home, we have seen a huge rise in the people looking to buy a cat or dog to share their home with. Unfortunately, because of the rise in demand, many unscrupulous people have seen this as a money making opportunity, so have bred animals with very little care. Due to this and the return to normal now going ahead, rescue centres are starting to overflow with unwanted cats and dogs.

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If you are looking to take on a rescue pet, now is a great time to do it – but before you go ahead, you might want to make sure that your home is suitable to welcome an animal into it. Here are some things to ensure before making the call to the rescue centre…

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A lot of us have things in the home that are not harmful to us but are to cats and dogs. So have a look around your home and work out what might be a risk – many houseplants can be poisonous to animals, and things like wires can be an irresistible chewing opportunity to a kitten or a puppy so make sure they are safely hidden away.

It is a fact that animals can make a mess from time to time – if you are toilet training a dog for example, having hard floors is a good idea as inevitably there will be accidents to start with. Failing that, find a good cleaner like this carpet cleaner, Hereford based company Octokleen!