Car Wheel Problems to Look Out For

July 27, 2021 5:35 am


Many of us are reliant on our cars to help us with daily life – whether we do the long commute every day or need to ferry the kids about, a car is something that most people have come to rely on heavily.

One of the most important parts of the car is the wheels – this is the part that keeps us safely on the road and travelling along, so it is crucial that your cars wheels are in good working order and are looked after by a professional such as Apex wheels an alloy repair Gloucester based company.

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When it comes to wheels, it is good to know the common things that can go wrong with them so that you have an idea of what signs to look out for to avoid any accidents. These are two common wheel problems…

Low Tyre Pressure – It is important to regularly check the tyre pressure on your car, as tyre pressure that is too low can lead to damage to the wheel itself, a higher puncture risk and more difficulty handling the vehicle all of which can be extremely dangerous, not to mention expensive to put right.

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Alignment Problems – If there is a tyre on one side of the car that is worn down more than the other side, this can be very dangerous as it can lead to a decreased grip on the roads – this is dangerous particularly in bad weather.