The Mass Exodus to The Countryside as People Opt for the Good Life

June 17, 2021 1:21 pm


The past year has meant that many peoples lives have been turned completely upside down, and life as we knew it was drastically altered. For many people, this has also meant that they were able to sit back and re-assess what was important to them, what they wanted from life and also how they would like to live going forward.

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Because of the restrictions and changes to how we worked, this has also mean t that many employers have not only had to have employees working from home but have also decided that this would be something that they would offer to employees after the pandemic is over.


For the first time many people have now got the opportunity to base where they live on what they want, rather than on their proximity to the office, or to transport to work which has meant that properties in more rural locations are becoming the must have thing of 2021.


The housing market over the past year is one of the few industry sectors that hasn’t lost out due to covid and has in fact boomed, particularly over the past few months. Partly this is down to changes announced by the chancellor such as the stamp duty holiday, as well as the ability to claim a stamp duty refund like this for some.

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But something else that is driving this is for many people they have the opportunity to live wherever they want and having dealt with lockdown in the city for the past year, the countryside certainly looks a lot more appealing.