Top Reasons Why You Should Learn to Dance Salsa

September 6, 2021 11:11 am


Perhaps a friend of yours has started salsa classes and they invited you to join, or you want to learn to dance and think salsa sounds more enjoyable than ballet? Whatever your introduction to salsa was, here are some top reasons why you should learn to dance it. If after reading this, you decide you want to learn and are looking for Salsa Classes London, visit

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The first reason you should learn to dance salsa is because it is good exercise. More and more people have been focusing on their fitness over the covid-19 pandemic, and many will likely experience how hard it is to stay motivated. Some exercises can be boring, making it less likely that you’ll keep it up. That’s why dancing can be a great alternative to activities like jogging. Apparently, only one hour of dancing salsa can burn up to 500 calories, making it ideal for losing a bit of weight.

Another great reason to learn salsa is that learning a new skill, especially as an adult, is great for building your confidence. It is also good practise for your brain as you have to remember new steps and movements.

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The next thing that makes salsa a more beneficial activity than ballet for example, is that it is social. You will meet new people and get to dance with different partners. Moreover, you will be learning about Latin American culture which is where salsa originated from.

Lastly, salsa is a gateway for many other types of Latin American dance such as bachata and merengue. Once you have learnt salsa, you’ll find that you will be able to apply the dance moves to lots of other types of music.