What is the difference between a park home and a bungalow?

November 24, 2020 12:27 pm


As retirement advances, anybody looking to downsize from the family home has historically preferred a bungalow as their next reasonable investment, but park homes have become more common, and have emerged as an option worth considering.


There are some important differences between buying a bungalow and a park home so if you are still considering which choice can suit you better, it is worth taking these into account to help you make a wise and practical decision. A great place to start is by looking at Gloucestershire Park Homes such as those at Park Home Life.

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While bungalows are available in all sizes, from one to multiple bedrooms, park homes are limited to a maximum length of 20 m, a width of 6.8 m and a height of 3.05 m.


Park homes are purpose-built and planned for year-round living by individuals. As a result, they are not rented out to strangers; instead the occupants build a group giving opportunities to socialise. The residences themselves are high-spec and fitted with all the necessities, including central heating and double glazing, with carpets and all furniture options also available.

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Costs are the Pitch fee (rent charges for the ground on which your home sits). Depending on what services are provided in the park, this varies and is normally charged annually. The usual Council Tax and Resources such as gas, power, sanitation and communications are required. Generally, the first three are paid directly to the platform owner who is entitled to charge a minor admin fee. You should, of course, get Insurance as usual.