How To Eat Like A Racing Car Driver

October 9, 2019 2:15 pm



Have you ever wondered what a Formula One driver eats to stay healthy? Not only do they have to be physically fit but also they must be mentally alert. A typical F1 driver will be a finely-tuned athlete.

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They need a strong core – particularly around the neck, as the G-force when cornering can make the crash helmet feel five times as heavy as normal. They also need the stamina of long-distance athletes, as a typical race can last 90 minutes. Keeping their body nourished with the right fuel is therefore just as important for the drivers as for their cars.

Keeping the weight off

Drivers train hard to be physically fit, but exercise is just half the battle. They also need to eat and drink the right nutrients and keep their weight down. Excess weight means more weight in the car, which adds to the lap times. There needs to be a balance, as drivers have to keep their strength up while keeping their weight down. Belgian racer Stoffel Vandoorne said food should be colourful. He explained that if you look at your plate and the food is all one colour, it probably isn’t balanced. He added that there isn’t one specific food item that is good for you and the worst thing of all is not to eat anything.

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Nascar Close Up Sport Auto Racing Car DriverTypical day’s food

McLaren has revealed the typical daily diet of its elite drivers, such as Stoffel and Fernando Alonso. This could be porridge with fruit and seeds for breakfast, with some orange juice and green tea. Lunch could be a tofu stir-fry with vegetables, garlic and wholegrain rice. To drink, the drivers can have coffee or green tea. Meat and fish are allowed at dinner, such as grilled mackerel with a baked sweet potato and salad. Dessert may be yoghurt with berries, while a typical evening snack is crackers with Marmite and fruit.

You can adapt the F1 diet for yourself, as it is packed with the right nutrients and vitamins. The early bedtime – drivers are tucked up in bed by 10pm – is optional.