How is steel made

September 16, 2021 12:55 pm


Steel is an incredibly useful metal and it is used in a variety of different ways in a number of different industries and sectors across the world. It is a great metal for use in construction where it may be joined together by using a Metal bonding adhesive like the ones from CT1. As a metal it is incredibly strong, versatile and relatively cheap to make.

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Iron is the main component of steel and there is plenty of iron to be found in the Earth. The next element that is included in the composition of steel is carbon. All of the types of steel have both iron and carbon in their makeup, the amounts of each are adjusted to give different strengths and durability of the metal. Essentially lots of different steel alloys can be created by adjusting the element amounts that are put together. An alloy is a combination of two metals or a metal and another element to create a new metal.

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Other elements are also added to the base mix of iron and carbon and it is these other elements that then gives the steel alloy its distinctive structure and benefits. For example Chromium is added to iron and carbon to create stainless steel. The temperatures that are needed to melt these elements are incredibly high and most steel is made at temperatures that exceed 1426 degrees Celsius.