The decline of traditional TV

January 5, 2021 9:25 am


Steve Unett Aerials provides superb TV Aerial repair Gloucester services. These are highly useful services as they allow the customers to receive thousands more tv channels from al over the world. It is very appealing to customer who are multilingual and want to watch TV shows in other languages. Although this service is still used by many people, TV viewership has reduced significantly in the past decades, with many people not even owning a TV. Even many people who do own TV, they are used more and more to access streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney plus.

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These streaming services appeal to a new generation that likes to be able to fit TV shows and movies around their schedule. The formatting of streaming services like Netflix is also very popular due to the absence of adverts, instead, a monthly fee is paid to the company instead. The shows are often binge watched by people as episodes can often seamlessly start playing after one another. The decreased use of TV is expected to continue unless TV channels are able to keep attracting viewers with new and intriguing content. They also often provide a streaming service online too like BBC iPlayer.

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