The Best Beaches and Historical Sights in Turkey

July 1, 2021 4:44 pm


We all love a good holiday and the chance to get away from it all – something that has been sorely missed this past eighteen months! However, with the travel industry taking its first tentative steps into re-opening, it won’t be long until we can get back out there and explore the world again.


If you are looking for somewhere that combines the ultimate relaxation accommodation like these villas in Kas , with a glimpse into a completely different world, then there is nowhere better than Turkey. Just a few hours from the UK you can enjoy the sun, culture and history of this magical country…

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For the best beaches you will be spoilt for choice! Turkey is famed for its many beautiful beaches. Mermerli beach in Antalya is a short walk from the city centre but is a tropical paradise – food can be brought to you under a parasol and the beautiful clear waters are perfect for a swim. It is also worth a trip to the blue lagoon in Olu Deniz – this is a natural park so is beautiful and also has sandy shores and shallow waters perfect for little ones.

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History is everywhere in Turkey, but one of the most amazing places to visit is Aphrodisias, the ancient city of the Goddess of love Aphrodite. Go and explore the ruins of the city, before heading to the museum. Another popular place to see is the Blue Mosque – one of the most strikingly beautiful buildings in Turkey, this vast mosque is a wonder to explore and also features a museum within.