Home Improvements on a Budget

June 24, 2020 4:03 pm


Homeowners are increasingly turning to home improvements instead of moving up the property ladder. Because the housing market is tough at the moment, if you need more space but cannot move or you just feel it’s time to update, there are many ways to redecorate and renovate without breaking the bank.

Mirror mirror on the wall

If you’re looking for a cheap but effective way to make your small space look bigger, then you can achieve this with strategically placed mirrors. It’s as simple as hanging a mirror opposite the window to make the most of the light.

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laminate flooring is easy to install and will give a new lease of life for tired interiors. It is easy to clean, low maintenance, very durable and comes in a wide variety of wood or stone effect design.


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Sprucing Up the Garden

You will be amazed at how much better your home will look if you spruce up the exterior. It can be as cheap and simple as clean up trash, mowing the lawn, weeding and pruning branches or bushes.

A New Paint Job

A quick and easy way to change the feel of the room is to provide a layer of paint. Bathrooms and kitchens in particular will benefit from a fresher look and make more hygienic. New lighting can brighten dark corners, such as under the counter task lighting.