Rejoice! There will be a Strictly this year

September 29, 2020 6:30 am


The BBC has moved hell and high water to make sure that it’s flagship show Strictly Come Dancing is going to happen this year. If ITV can fit out a Welsh Castle for I’m a Celebrity then the BBC can find a hotel and a studio at the old Television Centre for a set of dancers. How is this going to work? First of all you are going to need to have a decent aerial to pick up the digital signal and a TV Aerial Installation Swansea based company like One Vision can provide you with the answer to any issues that you have.

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All of the cast and crew of Strictly are currently ensconced in a hotel. They do not break the social distancing and they maintain a production bubble. Whether this will inflame the infamous strictly curse remains to be seen.  Whatever happens the show is greatly reduced with 12 couples and no crowd. Does this mean a drop in the tension? There will be no whoops and cheers, no jeering of Craig. There will also be no Bruno. But Dave Arch will still conduct, the man with the hat will try to steal the scene when it cuts to the band and Tommy Blaize’s smooth soul voice will still be knocking out the modern and the old standards.

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Perhaps it doesn’t matter that it’s on a reduced scale. Maybe we need the glitz, the camp and the glam this year more than any other time in the past. Face it, the sight of how Bill Bailey is going to attempt a Rumba is intriguing as is how the all female couple featuring boxer Nicola Adams will fare