What would I need a tapping machine for?

May 14, 2020 2:48 pm


A tapping machine is one of the most useful large tools used in the world of industry. It’s purpose is mainly to save time and labour as it completes its job quickly and efficiently. Tapping Machines are widely available for businesses. A UK stockists of tapping machines can be found at the included link.

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The tapping machine is used to fasten metal together. It also creates holes for screws and components to be added later. The machine is used on large pieces of metal that need to be prepared for use in the Automotive industry. It is also used for smaller projects for electronics. It is classed as being at the heavy end of manufacturing machinery.

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Many models of the tapping machine can run on a computer aided design process. The raw material of the subject is placed in front of the tapping machine and the tapping requirements entered into the machine. This then applies the tapping requirements as laid out by the program. Much of the tapping required needs to be extremely precise so human error needs to be eliminated as much as possible.

As this is a combination of drilling and tapping it allows for a large range of work to be done. Several projects can be worked on at once.