Don’t make it easy for thieves

June 1, 2020 5:17 pm


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We all know the importance of ensuring that your homes and places of work are secured against thieves and will often utilise multi security such as locks, cameras and in some instances even security guards patrolling offices and manufacturing plants. But what about your work van?

This is another important area where you need to think about appropriate Locks for Vans. The type that you choose will of course depend on what you keep in your van and whether you are utilising the locks alongside other security measures.

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Thieves are incredibly skilled at what they do and it can take under a minute for them to break into a van that does not have any other locking mechanism than the one that comes as standard on the vehicle. Within another couple of minutes they can have removed all of the equipment and tools from the back and have disappeared as quickly as they arrived. This not only occurs at night when the van is parked on your drive but also in broad daylight during work hours. Adding a higher quality lock such as a slam lock or deadlock will help to protect your items and deter thieves from targeting your vehicle.