How to make the most of your small garden

September 2, 2020 3:59 am


Just because you haven’t got masses of land doesn’t mean you can’t work some creative magic when it comes to your garden; after all, the best things come in small packages and you will have the perk of less to maintain. Let’s take a look at how you can make the most of your small garden and maximise the available space.

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The lawn

A lawn in a small garden can be very effective, as long as it doesn’t dominate your entire space. Lawns are great places for children to play; sometimes, to our dismay, our animals also seem to take a liking to our lawns! A lawnmower is something you would have to think about with a lawn; however, if you have the storage space, mowing will be a very quick job and replacement parts, such as Briggs and Stratton parts, are available from stockists such as

Another option that could work well on a small lawn is artificial turf. This is easy to install and maintain whilst looking just as good as the real thing.

The walls

Have you seen houses and gardens with beautiful sweeping vines travelling up the walls? This is a fabulous way to bring plant life to your garden, with no space needed to grow things up your wall. You could also consider hanging baskets and those cute flowerpots you can attach to your fencing.

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Feature pots

When you are short of space, a standout pot can make a huge difference. There are so many varieties available, from neutral to brightly-coloured and ceramic to wood. They are not too expensive, so you can change them around throughout the year. A great plant that requires next to no maintenance and is perfect for these pots is an evergreen. A topiary would also look great and you could work your artistic charm when trimming it into creative shapes.


Perhaps not a full-on rattan dining set, but a small table and chairs or even a chair alone can help to make your garden look homely while enabling you to catch those oh-so-vital rays in the summer.

Another great tip is to use mirrors. Mirrors in a small garden can create the illusion of space and you can get so many different styles to fit whatever aesthetic you are going for.