What is a Timber Merchant?

April 1, 2021 5:34 am


A timber merchant is a person that buys wood from a mill or lumber yard and sells it to retail builders, home improvement stores, and other customers. The term “Timber” refers to the wood that is harvested from the stump of a tree. Grades of timber are numbered in order from the smallest to the largest. There are different types of wood harvested for each category. It can be purchased directly from a stump or it can be bought from a mill or lumber yard.

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A timber merchant can also be called a sawmill or a planter. When they purchase the wood, they will load it into flat trucks, called dollies, and then take it to a place that has space to store it. The space needs to have enough room for the truck to fit, and the truck needs to have enough room to unload the wood and stack it on the shelves in the store. There may also be some shelves in the store where customers can purchase boards, tiles, and other items that need lumber. For a Timber Merchants Salisbury, visit Timbco

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A timber merchant sells wood to a range of different customers. When the customer wants to build something, such as a shed, they will often go to the timber merchant instead of purchasing it from another source. This allows the person to build the shed themselves, saving them money, time, and even materials.