What to store in the garage

August 12, 2020 3:49 pm


It seems increasingly like the Car is one of the last things that we are starting to store in a garage. Why is this the case? It seems that as we acquire more and more “stuff” the house becomes squeezed for space. Where is it all going to go? The answer so it seems is the garage. Cars are not as rusty as they once were as plastic has replaced all the parts that generally decay i.e. sills, wings and bumpers etc so it is ok to leave the car out in all the elements. This means that suddenly we have a lot more space to play with. You’ll definitely need to make sure that the door is up to scratch and a Garage Door repairs Watford based company is the first port of call for that. What are we putting in our garages?

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  1. Food storage. Following the events of 2020 it seems like people are fitting the place out with racking and buying up huge amounts of canned goods, dried food and toilet rolls.  There is some sense to this if it keeps us out of the shops for longer.
  2. A home gym. One other consequence of having to stay at home is that the gyms were closed. This allowed people to build their own and save themselves so money in the long run. It also helps stave off become overweight.

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  1. An arts and crafts gallery. Easels and pottery wheels are being employed across the country like never before as we start to embrace our mindfulness studies and get creative. The garage provides the space for our muse.