Building a brand for small businesses

May 6, 2020 2:22 pm


Branding is incredibly important for any business regardless of its size. It helps to build trust and reputation with current customers and potential customers. By having a consistent, strong brand your business can reach a larger audience and compete with others in the same sector as you. In order to successfully brand your small business you need to consider a number of things.

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USP – What is your Unique Selling Point? This could be how you do business, where you are located or the service that you offer your business. It is important that you know that this USP is so that you can harness and use it for your branding and marketing. If you are struggling to identify what you USP is you might want to consult with a Brand Strategy Agency who will be able to work with you through your entire brand journey.

Community – by building a community of happy customers you will be able to utilise them naturally as brand ambassadors and share their experience of your products and services. You can then share these across your online presence as well as your social media channels.

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Consistency – it is important you are consistent with your message and branding across all of your marketing platforms to help strengthen your message and branding overall.